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SFIBRAL offers fiber cement panels that enhance the performance and aesthetics of the traditional cladding.

Through constant innovations and the experience starting back in 1894 with the first produced fiber cement panel, we are creating products that inspire and give freedom and flexibility to create a difference in the traditional cladding industry. The natural material fiber cement is used for our products, which not only stands for long-lasting, robust, sustainable and aesthetic complete solutions in the construction sector but also meets the highest requirements for climate protection and sustainability.

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An idea born from the imagination

The father of fiber cement, Ludwig Hatschek, started to imagine a new building material in 1894.
He wanted a material that was lighter than brick, cheaper than slate, and better than sheet metal.

In 1900, he achieved his breakthrough with a special mix of fibers, cement, pulp, air, and water.
The Austrians were the first to produce this world’s first industrially manufactured building material and numerous European countries adopted the technology since 1903.

Ludwig Hatschek
Ludwig Hatschek

Over a century of experience

SFIBRAL is the export brand of the fiber cement cladding for the ventilated facades. It is produced in Austria, Vocklabruk – the same factory that first presented the fibre cement panel. So, more than a century of experience allows SFIBRAL to produce durable, efficient, and environmentally friendly products.